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With the new 12 episode series, BAR KARMA, we have created the FIRST user generated television show where the on-line community actually submits, drives and creates the content for the Producers to make their vision come alive.  With Will Wright and Albie Hecht, I helped this vision come to life in all aspects or production.
Over the past 12 years, I have worked with some of the most dynamic and up-and-coming television networks.  Together we have created new IPs and iconic concepts and driven proven productions further into the entertainment world.
MY FAMILY'S GOT GUTS and THE WORLDWIDE FIDO AWARDS were both brought to life for NICK .  "GUTS" was revived from its original iteration of the 90s to include the full family in its production which we produced in Orlando, Florida.  "FIDO" was shot at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica for a fun-filled even hosted by comedic genius Fred Willard.
Continuing on the previous success of the Spike TV Video Game Awards show, we brought back veteran host Samuel L. Jackson to host this night of gaming goodness.   FOO FIGHTERS and KID ROCK graced the stage and gave the gaming community the celebratory night it deserves for the multi-billion dollar industry it feeds.
For almost 6 years, I worked on a variety of projects at G4 before the network ever launched and continually after.  I was part of an amazing team of individuals who built a network on hard work and creativity.  It is here where I fell in love with the creative process and honed my skills to think like a producer.  I managed an hour long daily show:  ATTACK OF THE SHOW for 3 of those years and was also the voice-over artist for that show and also for the video game review show X PLAY.